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Hey, I recently acquired an 05 CR-V FWD Japanese manufactured with a bad transmission (MKYA), and have 3 quick questions. It works only when cold. You get about 3/4 of a mile and then it wont move. I've thought about rebuilding the transmission, but I would assume it would need more than just friction plates and a filter.

1. Any insight on rebuilding this transmission? I can rebuild or fix anything, just wondering if it's worth the time or if buying a used one is a better option, and also what details specific to this transmission I need to know.

2. My research showed that only 05 and 06 CR-V transmissions interchange. Is that correct, and if not, are there any transmissions from other models that will swap in?

3. If I replace the transmission with one that interchanges, but is not a MKYA, will there be issues with it getting along with the PCM?
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