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I purchased my first Honda in 2011, it was a 1998 CR-V EX 4WD Automatic with 254,000 Km's on it. It was very well maintained just had a new timing belt and windshield replaced so I went for it. Since then I have put almost 30, 000 Km on it and have been very happy. No real problems to speak of, the repairs I have done are brake pads, CV Axle (and boot) and minor exhaust repair. Currently it knocks a lot when I drive over bumps and the mechanic said something about sway bushings. Later when I asked if this was in the front or rear he was not available and his son was not certain if it was front or back. I checked out some vids on youtube on replacement of these parts:



These videos were very helpful but I am still not certain if the knocks are coming from front, back or both. The fellow at Partsource said I should be able to move the sway bar in the front with my arm if they are loose enough to be replaced. I did try that and there is almost no give at all (perhaps a couple of mm). Does this mean the front does not need replacement and the rear is what I should be concentrating on?

Your opinions please
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