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Hi all, picking up my brand new MY18 CR-V VTi-LX AWD next Monday and I'm very excited. I was within a whisker of going with a CX-5 instead as my last 3 cars have been Mazda's but the practicality and technology of the CR-V won me over.

Getting a towbar fitted as part of the dealer options which cost AU$2K on top. Apparently Honda have specified that the kit includes a radiator upgrade and auto transmission cooler as part of the kit which drives up the cost. After speaking to the dealer and the mechanic, neither of them are 100% sure why it's part of the spec but they both suspect that it's Honda being extra conservative due to the extra load on the CVT and they're just playing it safe.

Disappointed that (in Oz) the only model with all of the safety features is the VTi-LX so I opted for that model - who knows when that tech will make its way down to the lower-spec'd models.

Anyway I look forward to getting into my new CR-V and I look forward to many years of motoring with it. I hope to learn a few things from this forum too.
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