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Depending on the dent, that might just do the trick. This is where a photo helps us all help the original poster more effectively. :)

You can also buy a kit from places like Amazon that offer a handful of these for different size/type of dent popping.

The good news is the modern water based paints Honda uses to paint their vehicles appears to be pretty flexible (at least in it's first few years) so worries about cracking the paint are pretty minimal...but care and patience are still prudent.
They make tools like this specifically for removing automotive dents. I bought one from crappy tire and removed the big dent in my Camry that was from a kid’s baseball. It was a big dent and mostly came out. Then I returned the tool 😂
I have bought lots and lots of stuff from them over the years.

The good thing is if you keep your car a long time then little things like this won’t bother you. A young guy sideswiped my wife. Scratches up the side and a bit of paint gone on a plastic trim piece. I told him don’t worry about it and I was able to buff most of it out. I put a little touch up paint on the little spot of missing paint.Doesn’t look perfect but after 17 years it looks pretty darn good.
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