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Tail light out

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Hi, I'm new to this forum. We recently purchased a sweet 2007 55,000 mile CRV . After a month or so, I noticed the Stop/Tail light bulb was burned out on the passenger's side. I bought a 7004 Sylvania bulb and put it in, but no improvement. I took the bulb out, checked the socket and found it had been worked on as it had a burn mark. I bought a new socket harness and installed it but that didn't work either!
Now is my big question: How does a single filament bulb work for tail and brake?
There are 3 wires going to the socket , not like the tail light bulb above it.
Does this light have a double circuit feeding i t ; one with resistance for a dimmer tail brightness?
The other side works fine.
I've seen a lot over my years working on my own cars since high school in the 70's...
I've seen 7443ll as an alternative, but I think that is a heavy duty bulb with no "Magic"
Love to hear an answer!
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