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2018 CR-V Touring
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posting for future reference/searchers

A few days back I started to notice a ticking/tapping noise from the center console when moving. Acceleration didn't seem to matter - sound was persistent even when the car was just coasting along. Speed didn't affect it too much and A/C on/off didn't matter except for drowning out the noise a bit.

Went through the usual emptying everything I could think of - driving around with hand pushing and pulling different parts. At the end I localized the noise around the center A/C vents.

Then I remembered our previous car making tapping noises during winter when the outside windshield cowl would get too cold/stiff and hit against the the glass. So started looking around the windshield and it turned out to be a branch with a bunch of dried berries/pods stuck under the windshield arm inside the window cowl right on top of what appears to be vent holes. Apparently the wind and road vibrations were making it hit against the plastic and the noise was being directed into the cabin.

So the moral of it all is if you're trying to trace a noise, don't forget about the exterior / under the hood area as well. Fingers crossed the noise hasn't come back in a couple of days of cleaning the cowl area.
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