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The End of An Era

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Well... it finally happened. I've been on this site for probably a year, but never made a post. On friday, my baby gave up. 2003 Honda Crv cut out on me. The engine would crank but not turn over. Had her towed to the mechanic, only to find out that the timing chain was busted, all 4 cylinders misfiring, and the engine itself needing to be replaced. Without having the proper funds to purchase a new engine, we're starting to come to the conclusion that it might be time to let her go. All this comes after I installed a new radio, speakers, and black headlight assemblies. On the upside, I might potentially be getting an Accord coupe, but sad to see my baby go.
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Well, uh, welcome to the forum! How many miles did the '03 have on it? I'd highly recommend, if you don't want to replace the engine, that you just go buy another Gen2, and transfer your upgrades to it. This broken timing chain is a rare and unlikely occurrence. After a CR-V you might feel claustrophobic in an Accord. I'm just sayin.' Probably your next most economical solution.
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