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There are Push Pins and then there are Push Pins

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In wanting to accomplish some changes on my 2014 Honda CRV. I noticed some of the original Push Pins holding the plastic panels together underneath the car had some broken legs when removed. They appeared as never pulled before. Would be nice to replace with new pins. The cost at the Honda shop is just a insult to me, no more words needed.

So I bought some 10mm Push Pins from a e-bay seller. $4.94 for a bag of 100. On first exam they looked great. But before I use them for replacements I wanted to see how they worked. So I simulated the proper thickness material with a 10mm hole and pushed it in place and then set they center piece down. And they locked in place and held just fine. So let's see how they pull out for repairs. And that is where the problem is, they just do not pull out even using a proper puller.
This is the sellers write up:

Package Included:
100Pcs 10mm Hole Auto Plastic Rivet Fastener Mud Flaps Bumper Fender Push Clips

Head Diameter 20mm/0.8"
Total Length 25mm/1"
Stem Lengh 13mm/0.52"
Fit Hole Diameter 10mm/0.4"

Rivet post pressure expands legs for fast and permanent fastening.
Used widel for car&truck fender,bumper,door or other car surface.
Push in design, fit 10mm/0.4inch hole

Notice I skipped over the word PERMANENT in his description when shopping.

Contacted the seller and explained how they just would not pull out with any normal method and here is his reply.

Good evening, sorry for the late reply.
the 10mm clip is use for pin in . if you can pin in , there will be no problem.
this clip we design is hard to remove because we have to make sure the clips will be 100% pin in and firm .
anyway, it can be remove but hard with the tool like you said.

Screw Auto part Wheel Metal Fastener

I would clearly make known now that at least 90% would need to be drilled out to not damage the material they are holding together. A quick snap pull or a slow steady pull made no difference. As can be clearly seen a mistake in my selection of Push Pins was made. And what a head ache this would make for any repairman following the use of these pins. Glad the push pins where first tested and not used for replacements.

But that leaves me with this question, if you do have actual personal firsthand experience in buying replacement push pins at a reasonable price, that work correctly for disassembly as well as holding would you please share your contact?
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You have a bag of 100, so if they fit snug you should be fine. When you need it off, simply destroy it.
Alternatively, you might get the part number from the dealer and go shopping. You might also try a different dealer.
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