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Thermostat Behaves Very Differently With Different Outside Temp???

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Bought 2 new 2018 Hondas recently (CRV and Civic). On both, the climate control system acts as if it is driven more by difference between outside and inside temp than by the actual inside temp as I would expect. To maintain consistent inside temperature on the same trip, we constantly have to turn thermostat down when driving through an area that is cooler outside, and up when driving through an area where it is warmer outside. Is there any way to make it just keep a constant inside temp without constant fiddling? I don't see anything in the manual about this.
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In general, that has been my observation for all the automatic temp control vehicles we've owned. I think the vehicle does maintain the same inside temperature, but what you feel is the effect of the incoming air temp against your skin. When it's cold, the heater adds warmer air making it feel warmer; when its warm, you get cold A/C air and you feel colder.

One thing that minimizes that effect is to adjust the climate settings so air doesn't circulate through the dash vents.

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