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The 2020 CRV has start/stop technology but gets slightly less fuel economy than the 2019 and earlier models.
Sorry about using metric but I am quoting litres per 100 km of range as indicated on the Honda Canada site

2019 CRV all 4wd models gets 8.7/7.2/8.0 (L/100 km city/highway/combined)
2020 CRV all 4wd models gets 8.7/7.4/8.1 (L/100 km. with the start /stop)

To me it looks like the 2020 CRV’s get the same mileage in the city as earlier models but only with start/stop activated and use somewhat more fuel on the highway where it would not activate. So what is different with the 2020 models? Mine certainly heats up quickly, no fuel smell or “other issues“ seem to be occurring.
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