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I have 6,500 miles on my 2015 CRV.
A while ago I started hearing a loud tick/click noise when driving very slow (like backing out of the driveway or pulling out of a parking spot) and lightly applying the brakes. People that have been in the car with me and have heard it agreed that something sounds wrong. It's been driving me nuts so I made an appointment at the dealership (Bernardi Honda -Brockton, MA) and went in this morning. They said they did hear the noise and "it's perfectly normal" "It's the brake pads and calipers adjusting themselves" I told them that my neighbors also have a 2015 CRV and theirs doesn't make any noise -they said "it doesn't happen on every CRV but it's still nothing to worry about". Doubting that they heard the same noise -I asked if they were sure that they heard the tick noise and they said "yes". I asked them to note on the service slip that I wasn't satisfied with their answer and I still think that something isn't right -a new car shouldn't be making any loud tick noises -and they did note it. At least I have that in writing now if the noise gets louder, more frequent or if anything worse develops.

Does anyone else have a tick noise like this? Is it really "normal"?

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