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Here is something we discovered by accident. Wife and I both have iPhone 6+ and she wanted to listen to her music but I wanted CarPlay maps.
She plugged in her iPhone into the USB port (1.0A) CRV-EX-L port, while I had my iPhone onto the USB port (1.5A) and using CarPlay Maps.

Using the steering wheel selection, I selected iPod which turned her music on, yet leaving my CarPlay maps on screen.

So the "useless" iPod Source can also be used to play music on second iPhone. No need to switch bluetooth settings.

I haven't tested this to see if calls come thru the USB port 1.0A or if the Honda is smart to switch back.

The USB port (1.5A) is for charging devices, playing audio files and connecting compatible phones with Apple CarPlayTM or Android AutoTM.
The USB port (1.0A) is for playing audio files on a USB flash drive, connecting a cellular phone, and charging devices & using a second iPhone.
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