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Tire wear

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Hello all; quick question about tire wear. I have never owned an AWD vehicle before. Does one typically rotate tires like a “normal” car? The car came with 29,000 miles I believe the original tires. They seem pretty even wear.
What could I expect to get out of them? I had read AWD cars go through tires pretty quick, I’ll be mostly highway and figure about 40,000 to be replacing them. I believe they are Dunlop’s now.
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Your Maintenance Minder will recommend rotating the tires every oil change. That is Good Practice, as you are encouraged to replace the rubber in sets of 4.

Regards tire 'life' (in miles): the OEM tires have been proven to last less than a quality replacement. OEM rubber is selected based on low rolling resistance (MPG) and quiet ride, not life.

You will find differing views on rotation patterns. :Darn:
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