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Tires wear out fast

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I have a 2018 CR-V EX with almost 15,000 miles on it. It has Bridgestone tires on it and they already show considerable wear. I have friends who have 2017 CR-Vs and they had to replace the tires at 30,000 and they don't do any crazy driving. I had Honda Accords for years before I got the CR-V and I would get around 55,000 miles from a set of tires. They were Michelin MXV4+ on the Accords,
but I thought that Bridgestone was a good brand. I took it to a local tire place, and they are a trustworthy business. The owner said that it seems to be a problem with the later model CR-Vs. He said other brands of SUVs don't have that problem and get normal wear on their tires. Does anyone with a 2017 or newer CR-V not have this problem with tires wearing out? I live in New England.
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Thanks for all the tire info. I like Michelin tires and will check several places to see what a set will cost around here.
I found that the brand of gas that I put in my car makes a difference in mileage. In June, my husband and I went from CT to New Brunswick, Canada, and I averaged 35 mpg. It was raining and the traffic was very heavy, so vehicles were going slow on the highway ( I-95). The mileage went up to 37.5. I get gas at BJ's. If you're a member, you get an additional $.10 off on each gallon. I was using Shell gas, because I would earn gas points with a local grocery store card (Stop & Shop). I don't know if it's a difference in the additives or what but I get an additional 3 mpg around town and 5 mpg more on a long run. A co-worker told me once that he got the best mileage with BJ's gas and it sounded strange, but it's true.
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