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1998 CRV-stick 168000 - Daily Driver
Lovin the Honda - Going on 3rd year now.

I'd like to lift it - a notch. Here's what I am thinking. Old Man Emu Lift Kit / stock shocks / stock wheels. I currently am riding on 215/75/15's. I'd like to goto 225 or 235(with the grinding)
My question is two fold.
1) would 225'2 or 235's fit on stock wheels? Anyone have any experience with that?
2) My only hesitation in going higher, is becoming more 'wobbly'. Was thinking of putting spacers on my wheels (the thought process is, for every bit higher, go a lil wider - maintain my 'center')

Since this will be my first lifted anything, I'm open to suggestions / comments / preferences etc. I'll buy new wheels if I have too, I just prefer the stock ones. (Also, if I am better off getting new wheels, any suggestions on those that are Not 'Steelies'? I like the Steelie look with All Terrains but my harsh realty is, I spend 4 hours a day on the freeway, and I'm not going offroad any time soon)
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