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Towbar electrics - dedicated or universal

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I need to get a towbar fitted to my 2017 CR-V and wondering if it would be worth spending the extra to get the deducted wiring kit?

What is people's experience?


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For a second I thought we might be talking about pulling the CRV........nah.
Me too. When the PO indicated "Tow Bar" I was thinking they were going to try and tow a 2017 CRV.
As for the intended question, I would much prefer the Plug and Play wiring kit.
I think the OP is trying to install a hitch and the necessary wiring to tow a trailer. I think he/she is asking if they should tap into the Honda wiring for the trailer lighting plug, or should they just buy a kit that plugs into the wiring harness located in the drivers side rear inner panel and have everything he/she needs for the trailer plug.

I used the Kit, HOWEVER, I wasn't trying to wire up a trailer lighting plug in the Honda, but I was wiring the Honda CR-V so its tail/stop lights would come on when the motorhome lights came on. I also installed the devices that will put the Honda's brakes on when the motorhomes brakes are applied. And yes, there is a kit for that!

Ok, Clear as Mud? :confused2: You can get back to your evening coffee now! :coffeecup
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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