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There seems to be some confusion, including on my part, about what various towing capacity terms mean and how they’re calculated. I’ve learned that there are several towing and hauling capacities and limits, and each is calculated differently.

Maximum Load Limit is the total weight of the car’s occupants, the cargo inside and on top of the car, and the trailer's tongue weight, and nothing else. (My CR-V = 850 lbs.)

Maximum Total Trailer Weight is the weight of the trailer you’re towing and everything in and on it, and nothing else. (My CR-V = 1,500 lbs.)

Maximum Tongue Load (a.k.a. tongue weight) is the downward force exerted by the trailer coupler upon the hitch ball on the tow vehicle. (My CR-V = 150 lbs.)

Maximum GVWR is the total weight of the car itself, the occupants, the cargo inside and on top of the car, and the trailer tongue load/weight, and nothing else. (My CR-V = 4,630 lbs.)

I’ve read the owner’s manual towing section and thought I understood it, but others have posted comments that offer really different interpretations. So, I went to the experts: Honda. This discussion is about my 2015 AWD CR-V EX-L, but I think it’s safe to say that the general information applies to all Honda vehicles. I’ve quoted directly from my email inquiry and Honda’s email response.

ME: “Question #1: Does formula for the GVWR include the weight of the trailer itself (I'm not talking about the tongue load/weight)? In other words, is the GVWR the total of the car's weight, the occupants, the cargo inside the car, the tongue load, and the total trailer weight?”
HONDA: “Question #1: The GVWR Includes the weight of the vehicle,all occupants, all accessories,all cargo and the tongue load. Not the trailer weight.”

ME: “Question #2: Let's say I'm towing a fully loaded trailer that weighs 1,300 lbs. It's tongue load/weight is 150 lbs. It's just my wife and I in the car and we have a combined weight of 300 lbs. We have 200 lbs. of cargo inside the car. My car's curb weight is 3,576 lbs.
My math results in a GVWR of 4,226. Is this correct?
Also, I'm under my maximum trailer weight limit (1,300 of 1,500 lbs.), I'm not exceeding my maximum tongue load/weight (150 of 150 lbs.), and I'm under my maximum load limit (500 of 850 lbs.). Correct?”
HONDA: “Question #2: You are correct.”

ME: “Question #3: At the last minute I realize I forgot to put the cooler of beer inside the CR-V, and it weighs 100 lbs. ;-D That 100 lbs. is added to my maximum load limit (now I'm at 600 lbs.), correct? That same 100 lbs. is also added to my GVWR (now I'm at 4,326 lbs.), correct?
Does that additional 100 lbs. count against (i.e. get subtracted from) my maximum Total Trailer Weight? In other words, once I put the cooler of beer into the car, is my maximum Total Trailer Weight now 1,400 lbs.? Or does the maximum Total Trailer Weight stay at 1,500 lbs., and I'm OK as long as I don't exceed my Maximum Load Limit and maximum GVWR?”
HONDA: “Question #3: You are correct. However that additional 100 lbs. does not count against your maximum Total Trailer Weight and your Total Trailer Weight is not 1400lbs. The maximum Total Trailer Weight stay at 1,500 lbs and you are Okay as long as you don't exceed the Maximum Load Limit and Maximum GVWR.
Additionally, if the 100 lbs of beer are placed inside the vehicle, it is added to the GVWR. The trailer weight of 1300 lbs in your scenario would stay the same.”

So, as Honda Customer Service states, towing capacity and load capacity are not the same thing. The CR-V’s 1500 lbs. tow limit is not the total load the car can carry and pull, beyond the weight of the driver. When determining your tow limits, you really need to pay attention to FOUR different capacities and calculate each correctly.
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