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Technically, your CR-V has the third generation TPMS.

1st gen = rotation monitoring via ABS tone wheel to detect pressure difference.

2nd gen = direct pressure reading sensors in each tire. Most accurate....

3rd gen = a return to rotation monitoring with the addition of a sophisticated algorithm that use stability hardware data (yaw / pitch / steering angle) to better detect a tire that is making the vehicle handle outside of expected parameters. Most likely that 'odd' tire (one of these is NOT like the others!) induces some delta during a turn that is triggering the system into thinking that there is an inflation issue. You likely have both a tread depth difference, some additional tread squirm, and maybe even a tire construction difference if it wasn't purchased at a Honda dealer.
This is incorrect. Honda switched to the indirect TMPS with the 2013 CR-V, the 2012 was still a direct system. the indirect TMPS will have a standard rubber valve stem, the direct TPMS valve stem will be made of metal.
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