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Hello guys, just added a 2016 CRV EX with only 30K miles, precertified.
The TPMS light came on on day one so I pulled over and all four tires had 36 Lbs.
I did reset the system and while driving at over 55 for about 10 minutes the light came back again, did the reset again.
Light comes back every few days.

Tires were balanced again, one tire was replaced about 6 months ago. The dealership is telling me that there there's no way to check the TPMS. He stated that because two tires were replaced in the last 6K miles (in the front now) that that might be the issue. The stated that even though the tires are the same thread and brand that, that might be the issue. And that I might have to replace the entire set of tires.

What do you guys think?

Also unrelated, I noticed a vibration at 65 MPH, and it gets worse as go up on speed. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance
Following a similar problem with the TPMS, ours is going to the dealer tomorrow for four new tyres and an update to the ABS software which should allow the alarm window for the TPMS to be made wider.

The tyres are unevenly worn so the dealer is covering the cost themselves & checking the alignment.

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