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Hi all,
I’m replacing a TPS sensor on an ‘04 CR-V. When I went to calibrate it, I saw 5v on the yellow/blue wire (normal), .04v on the red/black wire (supposed to be .5), and .01v on the green/yellow wire (ground wire/not supposed to have any voltage). These readings were all taken from the wire harness with the TPS disconnected and the key in the ON position. With the TPS connected, the readings are the same. Both the old TPS and the new one show this. Also, the reading on the red/black wire does not increase when I open the butterfly/throttle valve. Also, moving the TPS itself makes no difference. This has led me to suspect a short with the red and green wires. As I am not well versed in these matters, is there anyone who could confirm this or verify that I’m doing this correctly?
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