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I am a little late to the game, actually it's been a week since I traded in our 13 CRV for the 17 Touring. My wife really enjoyed her 13, but the lack of acceleration was the primary negative. We saw the 17 at the Auto Expo and was impressed with the looks and the increase of passenger space.

I took one out for a test drive a few weeks ago and knew within a few minutes that I would be buying this. I went to the Honda dealer where we have purchased two Honda's in the past, and it could have not been easier. I got $1000 more on trade in than KBB, excellent financing, and dodged the maintenance package since I have always done the maintenance on all my cars.
We wanted the Black Touring and our dealer worked on trading with another dealer, but when my dealer told me that they were trying to pawn off the car that was at the Auto Expo, we politely decided to go with Obsidian Blue Touring.

My wife loves her new car, it should be in our garage for many years. It feels a lot like the 13, but just better. Much more interior room, better ride, very comfortable seats, and quieter. The engine pulls nicely and has a broad torque band. Will post some pictures when the sun comes out again, been a cloudy and snowy winter here.
I really like the looks of 17 CRV. A lot of people have been checking it out when its parked at the store. I think Honda has awoken, and hopefully they continue to bring out new products we can get excited about.
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