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If you are interested in selling on the CR-VOC then you MUST follow the rules. If you don't know the rules then please read the sticky post in the Trading Post Forum for a complete and very simple explanation.

We have upped the minimum number of posts that are required before you are able to post something For Sale in the Trading Post forum from 5 to ??. Do not try padding your post count by "post whoring" or scattering worthless posts all over the forum. We will see them and remove them then we will remove you from the site. We are looking for contributing members that are interested in the CR-V and this community, not just looking to make a quick buck or dump something you no longer want/need.

If you have previously posted something For Sale and you are below ?? posts, then you can no longer post something For Sale contact a Mod or Admin to discuss.

If anyone has any questions please PM or email a Mod or Admin, we are here to answer your questions.

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