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Trading Post Rules

Our Trading Post is here for the convenience and use of members only. Use is restricted to Buy, Sell, Trade, Want to Buy, or Free. All items must be for a CR-V. Unrelated items are not allowed.

Please read and make sure you understand all rules and restrictions before you post here, and make sure your post complies with all of them before posting. They are simple, but firm. Ads posted that do not include ALL required information are subject to being removed within 24 hours. Familiarise yourself with the Site Rules.

Check List:

  • You must have been a member for 7 days before posting an advert.
  • Accurate description of item, including year and trim level of model it fits, and condition, plus whether new or used.
  • Include pictures and part numbers on OEM items.
  • Shipping and/or local pickup information, including location (City/State/Province, etc.) and zip or postal code.
  • State your specific asking price for each item for sale. Do NOT add "or best offer". Set prices only. Any haggling can be done privately.
  • Do NOT post your phone number/email address/home address. Just let interested parties reply here or via private messaging.
Please read all notes below.

*Note 1: Not for commercial use - If you are selling products online, via mail, Craigslist, eBay, etc. - this is NOT the place to push your products. You can promote your products on our site, but only after contacting us to discuss an advertising deal just like so many others have done and do. Links to Craigslist ads, eBay auctions, or other websites in posts will be deleted by the site admins/moderators. Posts that appear to be breaking this policy, either here on the Trading Post or around the forum, will be deleted at the discretion of our staff. See the Site Rules.

*Note 2: Transactions, prices and such are all agreements made between the buyer and the seller. We are not responsible for your satisfaction. This is simply an area where you buyers and sellers can find each other and make deals on accessories or something they want to sell or buy. Please know in advance that the CRVOC forum is not responsible or liable for any aspect of what transpires in this section. Any reported issues will be dealt with on an individual basis, and may have repercussions for members involved.

*Note 3: Please state clearly in your Post’s Title that your item is For Sale, Trade, Want to Buy, or Free, and the name of the item. For OEM parts a part number is useful. Also, please state (in the post) specific details, such as what year model or models of CR-V the item fits, what model it came off of, whether it is new or used, and its condition, plus your location, whether you will ship, and any shipping details. You must make items available for local pickup (to be arranged privately). Adding your zip code will help potential buyers calculate shipping costs.

*Note 4: Please state your asking price for each and every item. If you truly do not know what something is worth ask around or do some research. Generally a good rule of thumb for an aftermarket part is to ask for 50% of what you spent on the item. Put a picture of each item you are selling in the post, and state the condition of that item. If you don't have a camera then find a picture online and use that. Do not ask for offers or try to run an auction. When you have prepared a post for this section, please go back through all these notes and make sure your post meets all the requirements before posting it. If you have a question or need help with setting up your post, don’t hesitate to ask – we’ll be happy to help. We can also help with any editing.

*Note 5: Do not reply (within a Trading Post thread) with any comment unrelated to the actual transaction, such as opinions on an item’s price, value, condition, or quality, etc. Either ask a productive question about the item being sold or keep your comment to yourself. Such replies will be removed and there could be consequences for failing to abide by this rule. If you are interested in an item for sale, you must contact the seller via Private Message - conducting your private business in threads is not permitted and posts will be removed without warning.

*Note 6: Scammers - If you suspect someone is a scammer, or have received a suspicious message, please report that to us immediately and explain, so that we can investigate. Do not reply to them. You may not be the only one they have approached. We do not recommend ever posting a phone number in an ad, as it is a risky business, opening you up to a wide world of scammers. So, any such personal information will be removed.

We want the Trading Post to be a useful part of the overall experience here, and a pleasant one for all members to use. On the other hand, we’ve had issues of misuse and abuse in the past that make these rules necessary.

Let’s all work together to make this section a good, clean, safe place for the benefit of all. We are happy to help with any issues, so always feel welcome to contact staff members with questions, concerns, issues, suggestions, or clarification.

Thank you.
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