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Hi, I own a Mexican CRV 2015 I-Style (not sure what that model translates to) and I got a hitch and trailer electric harness installed at U-Haul in the US. They ran into an issue with the power on the harness, it didn't deliver any power.

I checked at home with a multimeter and when both the brake and emergency lights are turned on, the harness does have little electric output, but not with them individually. I checked the owner manual and for the passenger fuse box position 10, it shows just dashes (as it was not enabled for use), everywhere I check online that fuse position says "trailer (optional)" and it is a requirement by the harness instructions to put a 10A fuse on that position, I'm assuming the lack of power is because that particular position in the fuse box is not enabled in my model.

Does anyone has any insight if there's any wiring on that specific fuse position that just needs to be enabled on the computer? or should I add additional wiring to have my trailer harness powered?

Hope someone can help.
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