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In your shoes, with limited time to get organized and packed for the trip, I would go to Uhaul and have them install the hitch. You can set it up on their website. I recommend you get one of the 2 inch receivers as this in the long haul is a better set up for bike racks, trailer carriers etc.

I just ran a trailer hitch and wiring set up and it was $342 plus sales tax installed. Now I've bought a luggage carrier once. Used it once....
Even the cheapest Harbor freight jobs are $60 then you have to find somewhere to store it at your destination.

You can rent a 4x8 uhaul and then just drop it off at another uhaul location. Cost for a one way probably more than local. I've had to do emergency one way trips before, and would encourage you to take the simple low stress approach even if it costs a few more $$$ than another approach that is cheaper.

Good luck to you and your wife. Hope the job and new surroundings are everything you hope it will be
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