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Recently I was on a fire road and made a U turn it a turn around and while I was turning the trailing arm bushing, on my rear passenger side, slipped out of my trailing arm. This left my wheel with room to play in 4 directions so I parked it for the night.

The next day I I went back out to the woods and managed to get the bushing back in. I had to chip some of the lip off of the bushing itself to get it back in to place. I creeped out of the woods and my car is back home now.

My question is how common is this?
It’s seems that I already have a urethane/rubber bushing in there. Is the single piece bushing, that seems to be more common, better? Should I go after market instead? I guess what I’m really asking is how difficult is it to put a totally new one in yourself and could I expect to do this alone with a relatively limited resources. It was tough to get the old one back in and I don’t really want to take the whole arm off.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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