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Hi all,

This is my first thread!! I own a 2005 CR-V EX 4WD automatic transmission, I'm the first and only owner, this SUV has been wonderful through all these years and 165K miles.

Since like 6 years ago my transmission started to do some weird stuff but still works and I want to share that info with you and take your best advise.

First weird thing it started to do was not engaging the gears right away I started it and placed the gear stick on [D] or [R] (like releasing the key and setting the gear, very quick), it needed time like 5-10 second to engage it, it does it very smoothly like you are "releasing a clutch gradually" it does not kick in or something rude, as I said it's very smoothly, then when it engages it works normally no issues at all. I took it to the mechanic shop and they told me they couldn't do anything, just change the fluid and that's it, if I wanted to check something they needed to remove and open it to see what's going on inside of it because there is no carter or port to check it and that would be very costly. Well I left that aside and continued driving it not worrying about it up today (6 years after).

What really concerns me right now is that it started to do some weird noise when you start moving it in [D] like you are at a stop light and then it gets green and you start to drive, there at that moment it does a noise like something is rubbing inside the transmission and it feels like the front left wheel is slipping only that wheel, as hard you press the gas pedal noise and slipping sensation gets harder, but still is working and changing gears like everything is ok, no [D] light is flashing no check engine light is on, absolutely everything looks normal.

I research some info and found the repair manual at this link _ (sorry I can't post the link) and check the symptoms but I'm not able to understand what it means "flares on starting off in [D] position" and "Stall speed high in [X] and [2]" can someone explain me what these 2 phrases mean?

Has anyone experienced this issue? by the millage it has I don't think the transmission or clutches are worn out, I have the feeling that some other stuff is failing, like a sensor or a clogged fluid hose. After the warranty expired I have changed the transmission fluid every 20K miles (one or 2 times I have done it at 30K but nothing further than that) with Honda genuine fluid, as I said before mechanic shop only wants to open the transmission to charge me more instead of giving me a good diagnosis.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading.
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