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Transmission oil change and a Shudder Issue

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I read in this forum that the transmission holds 10 quarts of Honda ATF-DW1 fluid but the drain and refill procedure replaces only 3 quarts of old fluid with new fluid. What remains is 66.7% old fluid. Several of you run the vehicle until the transmission fluid warms up or drive the vehicle for a short time and repeat the drain and replace 3 quarts of fluid. Now what remains is about 44.5% old fluid. I guess Honda believes the 66.7 procedure is sufficient to keep the transmission functioning appropriately.
I have been performing the 66.7% procedure and my transmission began to "shudder" when shifting between 2nd and 3rd. A transmission repair shop recommended adding 4 oz of Lube Guard Instant Shudder Fix and that cured the problem. I now am at 100,000 miles and plan to perform the 44.5% procedure (or two sequential changes) and see if the shudder problem reoccurs.
Any others of you have experienced the shudder issue? If so what was the solution?
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2012 EX-L 5speed auto AWD. I had the sudder develop a few years ago. I replaced the transmission filter (not easy to get to) and did the drain and fill with Honda transmission fluid and Lube Guard Instant Shudder Fix and the shudder went away. Now I do a drain and fill once per year or about every 15K miles with the Lube Guard Instant Shudder Fix. I haven't had the problem for a few years now with this routine. My fluid come out nice and clean every year. Miine takes about 3.4 quarts on the transmission drain and fill. On my model the drain plug is really easy to get to when doing the engine oil change so not much extra work and only about $50 in materials per year to go this way.
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