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Hi; I have been struggling with this issue for many months and beginning to run out of ideas.

I purchased a dash trim kit made by B&I which is a division of TACNA.

This is their advertising picture
(I am not planning on installing ALL of it, that's a bit much...)

There are four trim pieces that fit on the dashboard that are molded to shape. (#53, #54, #55 and #56 approximately across the center of the image below)
3D074A1 kit.jpg

In the initial order, these parts were too small; so I inquired about this, and they sent me new ones. In the second shipment, three of the four parts fit correctly. The fourth part was now too large. (#54)
So I inquired about that... all through this, I have been very patient and very polite.
Anyway, so they send a third part #54, and this third one is exactly identical to the first one (too small).
Through this they ask for pictures, and I've sent plenty, clearly showing the problem.

Part #54 on the left. Too small. The second part #56 on the right; correct fit.

Part #54 too small, leaves a gap

Part #54 on the left, too large. Same Part #56 on the right, correct fit.

Part #54 too large, overlaps Part #55, cannot be installed.

In summary: the first parts were too small. On the second attempt they sent me parts #53, #55, and #56 that fit correctly, but part #54 was too large. On the third attempt, part #54 is identical to the first one (too small, again).
So I have two parts #54 that are too small, and one Part #54 that is too large to install.

Despite many emails and multiple phone calls; and many, many requests for pictures and more pictures (all of which I have responded to with all the pictures they have asked for) they have refused to make good on this.

I have spoken to Jose’ and Carolina at B&I; I get the same story from both. They say that they have sold "hundreds" of these kits and no one has said that there is a problem. When I ask if they have seen the pictures, they say yes, they have seen the pictures; but when asked to admit that the pictures show that the parts do not fit; all they will say is that they have sold "hundreds". I have also asked both Jose’ and Carolina –acknowledging that they aren’t the ones deciding not to help me- if I could speak to a decision maker, they have both refused. Jose’ said that it was his job to talk to the customer, not theirs. With Carolina, similarly, I was calm and I was polite, but the conversation was going nowhere; after refusing my request to talk to a decision maker several times, she hung up on me.

I also contacted Ross Baldwin, president of TACNA directly. He talks nice in his email, but -despite having seen the same pictures clearly showing part #54 does not fit- says that he is "surprised that it does not fit" because they have "not had other returns" and promises nothing except that he will "take a look at the situation" and yet weeks later, I have heard nothing.

I was initially very impressed with the quality of the kit and unfortunately installed several pieces before realizing the problem with the ones that won’t fit. It installs with 3M VHB adhesive, so trying to remove it would be very difficult (the pieces are rigid, and contoured) and would likely damage my dash.

I don't want a refund, I just want a piece #54 that fits correctly.

For that reason I have been especially careful to be polite and cooperative with them; and yet I still do not have what I paid for.

I am amazed that a company would treat a customer this way; to sell a bad product like this and to respond with nothing but excuses. It’s also impossible for me to believe that they have in fact sold “hundreds” of this kit –that obviously does not fit and can not be installed- and yet had no complaints.
Since parts #53 and #56 do fit correctly –different sections of the same feature on the dashboard- it is impossible for them to claim that they don’t understand the problem, when their own specifications for these parts –that should match- are obviously different sizes.

As a service to the community I must caution anyone thinking of buying any B&I (division of TACNA) products to be very careful as clearly they will refuse to stand behind their product if there is any problem.

I would very much like to conclude this story by saying how they finally reached out to me and made good on this; Ross Baldwin, you are welcome to reply here, I would very much like to hear from you.

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Sorry to hear that, for the price $200+ you would expect great fitment from the B&I trim kit. Thank you for sharing the info
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