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The Eibach Pro-Truck-Systems combine both Front and Rear Pro-Truck Lowering kits into one comprehensive package.
This is the perfect choice for owners striving for the ultimate in a performance lowered truck or SUV. Front springs are engineered to provide enhanced handling, a lower center of gravity, and a simply great look, all without the retaining straps used by some competitors. Rear kits contain everything you need to lower your truck’s ride height and achieve ultimate visual and dynamic balance. And the front and rear elements are carefully balanced to work together, assuring you of a crisp, modern look, responsive handling and a smooth, compliant ride Eibach is famous for.

•Integrated Front/Rear Balance
•Ultimate On-Road Handling
•Low, Lean Look
•Complement Large-Diameter Wheels, Tires
•Flatter Cornering
•Lower Center of Gravity
•Increased Resistance to Rollover
•Enhanced Response and Stability
•Excellent Ride Quality
•Million Mile Warranty

Made in Germany and the USA

CR-V - 2002-2006 - Sport Utility Kit (Set of 4 Rear Springs) -

GO TO NOPI EIBACH Catalog for more specific details

Contact the salesmen below or PM me for our best deal on Eibach
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