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For its 10th year on the market, the new CR-V has unapologetically shed its boxy sport/utility wrappings to reveal its true crossover identity. It's always been a car-based SUV, with a hint of off-road capability thrown in, but as sales trends move toward smaller, lighter vehicles, the little Honda is now free to be itself. The dramatically changed 2007 model looks elongated and squashed, but the physical dimensions haven't changed much: It's shorter (by 3.0 inches--the spare's now underneath), wider (by 1.4 inches), lower (by 0.1 inch), and rides on a shorter wheelbase (0.2 inch). Also gone is the left-to-right side-swinging rear cargo door, which forced owners to walk into traffic to retrieve groceries. The rear door is now hinged on the roof.
By Allyson Harwood
Truck Trend, December 2006

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