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There are plenty of companies that make cargo mats that specialize for either upper or lower position. The upper is bigger. I have my 18 EXL fully decked with 3D MAXpider stuff and a lower tray. They're found in many online stores but here's a sample link to an upper:

Amazon 3D MAXpider CRV 17+ cargo trays

Rubber on top feels good to the touch, looks good (imo), and tends to handle what I throw at it with no issue. The bottom portion is most relevant to your inquiry- that stuff is borderline velcro and grips so well that I actually can't slide it back on when I move it (have to hover it into place with my hands- point being, it's very locked-in). It can also fold if need be- nice for throwing it on top of the spare for when you need it out of the way.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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