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I've thrown this one up on the Honda Tech forum, see what comes of it. Let me know what you guys think...

So I've been on this mission to setup my CRV's suspension. It seems that the 1st Gen CRV uses components from many other Hondas. Our front brake system is out of a late 90s Integra TypeR. The engine mounts are almost identical to that of a EM1 Civic. Ect ect...

However the suspension is really making me bang my head on a wall.

Good news

Objective: I want to lower my CRV, and setup the suspension, properly.

I have found the appropriate coil overs that I will be ordering. Fortune 500 - CRV Specific

And I have found the camber & toe adjustment arms for the rear.

I also have found Cusco strut tower bars, lower tie bar, and a rear ADDCO sway bar kit.


My confusion

The CRV and the EK/EM1 Civic Si share similar front lower control arms. Solid 1 piece, opposed to the 2 piece lower control arms that everyone swaps out to.

I've been looking around the Honda scene, and I can not find CRV specific bushing kits. Whiteline and Energy Suspension, both send reference to Prothane kits. Every time I try to contact a company for these, I always get the "Oh yeah, we can order those up for you." Then I pay, I wait, then get a refund. It has happened twice... So I'm throwing in the towel on polyurethane, it's probably over kill anyways.

Front upper control arms with adjustable camber. I know they're from a Civic, but I cant nail down what year, make and model to buy from. Also, per this website ( ) they provide adjustable control arms, but I can not get communication out of them. Their website says this:

These are actually Civic camber kits, but we add special reinforcement bushings to them to make them suitable for off road applications. There is also a special technique to get them to fit on the CRV, this is covered in the installation guide you get with the kit.
Special technique? Anyone have insight on this?
There is a picture of the front kit installed, if you follow the link above. Everything I have found for a Civic's front adjustable upper control arm: the cup where the ball joint fits in to, is facing downwards. Their's faces upwards with the nuts inside of the cup, instead of the balljoint inside.

Someone also told me to use Hardrace stuff, but didn't specify.

You all are a very knowledgeable bunch, please school me. My searching skills wont yield what I am looking for..

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So, I have found the answer to the front upper control arm question... I will quote what I've found, but this is the thread on the Honda-Tech forum.


1st Gen CRV with EK Adjustable Front Upper Control Arms - Page 4, post # 90

Adds more negative camber, because it is shorter than the OEM control arms.

Good for raising the vehicle, bad for dropping the vehicle, unless you want to go extremely low. They clear the fender easily, no chance of rubbing.

Now, who wants to explore putting 2 piece EK/EM1 civic lower control arms on the front, with adjustable control arms on the top? A thick wheel spacer and extended studs? :cool:
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