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Very recently I went to turn left and the turn signal would not turn on. I assumed it was a bulb until I ran a couple of tests in my driveway.

1.) The passenger side turn signal works perfectly, as well as the dash indicator light.
2.) The driver side turn signal works normally until I turn the running lights or headlights on then the bulbs stop lighting up, there is no clicking, and the dash turn indicator is permanently on.
3.) The hazard lights work normal-ish under any circumstances, but the brake lights blink with the hazard lights.
4.) Oddly, the gear indicator on the dash flashes inversely of the left turn signal when the headlights are off.
5.) The high beams work both "on" and "flash" if the headlights are on, but only "flash" works if the headlights are off.

I am thinking that it could be a bad ground and hoping it is nothing more. If you agree or have a different idea, pointing me to some resources for diagnosing and potentially fixing the issue would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: After I wrote this post I went back to the car to double-check that everything I wrote was true and now:

1.) The headlights no longer work.
2.) The car beeps a warning each time the hazards flash until I either turn off the hazard lights or close the door.
3.) Everything in the previous section remains true.

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First thing to check with Gen2s is that the proper bulbs are installed. Believe it or not, different bulbs were used in Japan and UK-built cars, and many fitment books do not reflect that there is a difference.

If the issue persists after verifying that the correct bulbs are installed, I'm thinking a bad ground...and the bulbs are lighting by going through the filaments of the alternate circuit.
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