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Hi all,

Here's my predicament. We have lost a set of car + house keys on a local pavement. Someone must have picked it up, and now we have the worry of someone being able to cruise around pressing the unlock button and seeing the lights advertise that they've found the free car and house they now have keys for?
How can I disable the receiver so it's only unlockable manually?

I'm currently trying to translate all the acronyms in the fuse box diagram to see if one of them will do the job but so far no joy.

Anyone got any good ideas? (It's a 2010 crv)



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you should be able to swing by the dealer and have them delete that key fob from working with the immobilizer & reprogram a fresh fob via honda hds

on the new ones the issue is you still the slide out valet key that can still be used manually which luckily you dont have
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