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This is my obscene plug for those good folks.....

About 6 months in to using a trailer behind our CRV the Curt plug-n-play tail light harness failed (black box ?). Trailer lights quit, test light would not work but the trailer lights/test light worked fine when plugged in to another vehicle. I needed working trailer lights quickly, did not want to remove/leave the plastic panels hanging longer than necessary, so I just ordered a second tail light harness (Tenkansha) and did the removal/install at the same time.

Usually, you have to return the defective part the manufacturer (Curt) and they will replace it (within the warranty period). I didn't need a replacement harness since I installed a new harness (Tenkansha) when removing the Curt unit.

Long story, short......I called, explained the situation, they issued me a refund of what I paid for the defective unit, when they received it.


Nothing at all against Curt, __it happens, have a 6 year old Curt harness on our RAV4, still works perfect.....just wanted to say many thanks to, they're good/fair folks.:doublethumb:
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