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Tyre choice for Gen 2.5 awd

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Hi folks

I just purchased my first Honda (Gen 2.5, awd 2.0l) and I now need new tyres for it. I live in South Africa where we dont have snow but rainy winters. Climate is similar to California from what I've heard. I now have the choice of road biased or all terain (I'll attach a pic).

Any comment on the impact on fuel economy and road noise going to AT? Ive hear people say its negligible but Id like owners opinions to verify... my usage would be 85% road, with jeep track and dusty gravelroads as the offroad component. Thanks.
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If your unpaved terrain is packed, graded gravel (not sure what you mean by 'jeep track') I'd bet that you would not need all terrain tyres even in rain.

(Unless you are making a style statement, LOL)

(By contrast, northern USA has a 'mud season' every spring, where melted unpaved surfaces get VERY soft and rutty, making knobby tires desirable, even without snow on the ground)

The Gen2 can be somewhat noisier than more modern generations...and depending on typical loads and conditions of suspension bushings, even all-weather tyres will be audibly noisier as the get older.
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