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Hi to all,

I have just added a TPMS system into my 2009 CR-V. Here are the parts / installation steps needed:

I got this from ebay (Search for "TPMS Honda"). This comprises of four (4) air valves/sensors and a switch that fits into an empty CRV-V switch.


I moved the VSA switch to the empty one underneath (as shown in the following picture). This is easily done:
a. remove the plastic underneath the steering wheel
b. unplug the socket from the back of the VSA switch
c. unclip the VSA switch and push it towards the driver (from inside)

To install the valves/sensors go to any tyre shop and replace your valves with them.

To install the TPMS indicator:
a. attach the black wire (ground) to the screw on the left of the fuse box (underneath the steering wheel)
b. Attach the red wire, which has a Honda specific fuse to the empty position No 37. This slot has power only when the key is in II position.

The result (Pressure can be either PSI or BAR, here shown in PSI):
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