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Has anyone experienced unwanted acceleration when breaking with their 2011 crv?

This issue that I am referring to seems to occur when the vehicle is stopped, then for some reason it accelerates on it's own, even though the drivers foot is on the break.
I ask because I am interested in purchasing a 2011 CRV but when I visit, they list the 2011 crv as a CLUNKER due to the fact that they received so many complaints about this dangerous issue. Apparently many people have crashed their vehicles due to this.

When I ask dealers about this issue none of them seem to be aware of this.
I am not sure who to trust so I wanted to get feedback from actual owners of the vehicle.
I am wondering if this is an issue with all 2011s or simply a very small percentage of them.

I am a huge fan of the CRV and I am anxious to purchase one soon:)

Thanks so much for your feedback.
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