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Upgrading exhaust

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What’s up everyone! I have a 98 CRV with a B20Z engine and a 5MT. Oil leaks everywhere, one of those places being the oil pan and of course I got to take the exhaust off to fix it. My exhaust is rusty and thought of upgrading it while I’m already taking it off. My question is if I upgrade to a 4-2-1 header would I be lowering my efficiency? I’ve seen youtube video showing temp difference between stock and AFM and the AFM runs hotter.
My goal is to build a reliable CRV to take camping so I don’t want to go all out on power but want to have some durable parts like a stainless steel exhaust.
Please feed me with all the knowledge you guys have and send me links for some exhaust manifolds or systems to look into! Appreciate all the help!
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Welcome to the CRVOC forum. Plenty of fine folks here from around the globe.

Go to your Avatar in the upper right hand corner, click --> Account Settings, complete information about your vehicle, then hit Save. In this manner, that vital piece of information automatically appears every time you post. There are 6 generations of the V on the road today. Knowing the year & trim level greatly aids you when asking for information & aids those willing to give you that information.

Use the Search Community bar at the top of the page to do some preliminary searches. For example, type in "stainless steel exhaust" to see if any forum members have attempted to do what you want to do. Or go to the 3 dots next to your Avatar, --> Advanced Search, & do the same.

Good luck. Keep us posted.
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