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It's year 2015, and Honda still can't make USB playback right?

- Instead of being so picky, it should accept wider range of USB sticks:
. bigger capacity (currently it supports only up to 8G or 16G)
. Support for different file system (currently supports only FAT32)

- Better sorting. This is the most ridiculous part, it plays in order of physical location of songs. This is confusing and makes no sense. This was also reported years ago and nothing was done - so I doubt the claim that Honda checks this forum.

- Support more codec types

Seriously, none of above is hard to "fix", it just needs some software changes (there are tons of awesome open source players can be ported). It's the small things that spoiled a great car. I can't believe in year 2015 and we still have such a primitive player in CRV.
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