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Thanks to Jenny at Oakland Honda - tho the service dept there is very pro, they had no awareness of the USB hassles for Ipod // Iphone support UNTIL Jenny in sales told them (& us all) how to fix - she said happens all the time due to software reset in the I++ device. Not a Honda radio defect, only that the I+++ device somehow occasionally reconfigs itself - so just drain the batt till I++ device is dead so it will reboot itself to factory default when it restarts, then all syncs back up to the CRV radio, perfecto!

PISSED - 4 months, 5K mile, USB port fails to play Ipod.
Worked fine with blutooth on Iphone3 + USB on Ipod.
Phone still works, but USB locks up on playback , then error message "USB port failed".
Tested cable & Ipod, failure is in the integrated radio electronics.
Restarting car allow USB sync, all look fine, Ipod menu display fine in HDI but will play play sounds -

Let's raise a ruckus!! We deserve help. I refuse to pay money for features that don;t work - escalating to owner and sales manager at Honda of Oakland.
(This is a great dealership, taught ship, great service & pricing, not a dealer rant!):mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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