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Hi all, hoping for a bit of advice to value a 2005 (55) UK CRV 2.2 CTDi EX that my sister is looking to sell.

I know the history as my parents bought it new and she has had it since 2010. Trouble is, it's not in good condition really. She's used it as a work horse (literally) - she pulls her horses with it, its full of horse crap and she uses it for moving hay bales and everything.
I don't think she's ever cleaned it since she's had it but there is no significant damage, the only obvious damage is a scuff on the spare wheel cover - but I am sure the paintwork is going to be in pretty poor state under all that muck, but no serious scratches or damage. The wheels are badly stained and have some scuffs, some quite large ones on the spokes. The tyres are nearing the end of their life. It needs welding underneath for the next MOT - not sure what exactly and neither is she until she finds the last MOT certificate.

It had a replacement engine at 90k and is now on 141,000. Apparently the new engine (from a 2008 CRV) had 30k on it but this is not documented. The service history was complete to 2010 then it is patchy (the new engine was as a result of her not putting any oil in or having a service for a while and it seized) but she's serviced it a bit better since.

The rear end is sagging a little as it spends most of its weekends towing her horse(s) up and down the country.

The interior is probably ok, the leather is a bit marked and very dirty. The carpets are ok, as there are mats down, but it is filthy with 5 years of use in fields. The boot area plastic is very scratched but ok. Some of the interior plastic is broken.
AC does not work and sat nav is showing an error message.

So it's been in the family for 10 years and she's selling as my parents are now selling her their 2010 CRV (they're now in a new XC90) so she's looking to sell, but I can't get a firm idea of price as they seem to be pretty high for some with similar mileage (around the £3k mark) but autotrader valuation puts it at £2k based on a car in "good condition". She doesn't want to do anything to it to sell it and maybe with some serious TLC it might clean up ok, but it's never going to pass for "good condition", maybe average.

So, any suggestions...
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