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Valve Lash on 2006 Japan made CRV

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I've recently purchased a 2006 CRV SE made in Japan. I wanted to set the valves as it has 140k miles. All the guys on the internet say to set it at .008 intake and. 012 exhaust. However there is a sticker on my hood that states set valve lash at .23 in and .30ex. Anybody got an insight on this. I set them at the .008 and .012 and started the engine. It had some clatter...but I'm not convinced that I'm right. The guy that owned this thing did zero maintenance to it so the engine is dirty and has that golden bake to the head which tells me they didnt do regular oil changes. So in conjunction I'm going to run a cleaner through it also...just wanted to pick someone else brain on this before I start driving . thanks
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Yeap, just read the sticker under the hood

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Actually it doesn't. The sticker is right in the middle of the range he just posted. But then states difference of 0.02 either direction. You use the gauge that matches the specs on the sticker and you have wiggle room to be slightly tighter or looser.

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I recently did my valves and I noticed something annoying as I did. My car is a 98 EX with 187k, but this probably happened to your engine too.

What I noticed is wear.

I couldn't get my valves adjusted right the first time, so when I went back and did it again, I removed each rocker arm and looked at it before adjusting that valve. My intake rocker arms all have a flat spot where the cam shaft pushes down on it (the cam-riding face is convex), and my exhaust rockers all had a groove worn into them at the same place.

This is important to know because your feeler gauges will be flat, and not curved at the same radius as the cam lobe.

Knowing this was the case in my engine, I adjusted all my valves to the minimum clearance, knowing the actual valve Clarence would be slightly greater.

My engine can quiet after.

I'm not trying to be a smart a**, just giving you something to keep in mind.

This happens on those engines. Gets kind of annoying. The 2002 on up is a different design that doesn't have that same issue.

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