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Vibration 2005 CRV Sports.

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I have a worsening vibration problem with my CRV. I've had it for the last seven years and only started to notice a slight problem 3 years ago.
It can happen at any speed or revs.
It disappears by touching the brake or accelerator.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Here is what has been done so far to try to remedy the problem:

Rear diff replaced.
Auto transmission fluid changed.
Bushes around diff.
All front and rear bushes.
New tyres and wheel alignment.
New rear shock absorbers.
RH rear cv joint drive shaft
RH & LH Front cv joint drive shafts
Removed and inspected tail shaft(all
The car is presently being driven without the tailshaft, unfortunately the vibration is still there.
I look forward to any suggestions.
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Just an update. I have taken my CRV to an Auto Trans Specialist. He appeared to know what the problem was just from my description. He called it the "CVT shudder", according to him common problem with the transmission.
He says the only remedy would be a new or refurbished gearbox.(the later $3k Australian)
I'm thinking just to put up with it and let her die gracefully.
Had the same with my 2003 2nd gen CRV Sport here in UK.
But it is a strange story.
I had resigned myself to an expensive fix, but thought I would work on the front left brake that the dealership told me was "binding" - pointed out when I put it in for a problem with the Vtec solenoid last year ( BUT THAT IS A WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY )

and besides I should service the drivers side brakes too. Plenty of time on my hands at the moment !

Did the drivers side first - all good, new calliper, pads and float pins. Started the left side and I could not loosen and remove one of the wheel nuts.
Drove it to the tyre fitters who replaced all 4 tyres last year and suggested that it had been cross threaded by them.
They applied their favourite method - the air gun for as long as possible :( They eventually had to cut it off. Showed me their handiwork and told me it was the stud that had caused it and it was not cross threaded. I argued a bit and they offered to fit the stud bolt for a nominal charge if I sourced the stud bolt myself, which I did. I asked them to also fit my other calliper, pads and service the float pins at an agreed price for the whole job.
Stud arrived by post, booked a slot for Friday and duly dropped it off ..................then 20 minutes after leaving it to have work done, they called me and told me they had the same problem with another nut on the same wheel. I was pissed ! What had they done to my car !!!

I had a heart attack last year and I really shouldn't get angry anymore, so a deep breath and I calmly said to the young lad on the phone - can you get another stud bolt quickly? nope, it would have to come from the main dealer - OUCH, that will cost ! .........Sorry sir we have to keep the car over the weekend until the bolts are delivered on Monday and it is stuck on the ramp because it only has 3 working wheels.

"And sir .....I have already ordered 2 because the bolt you supplied is too short" - Yeah, I felt stupid.
Anyway I told him to get 5 and replace the lot.
Fast forward to Monday.
I get a call mid morning and the same young man, sounding very confident, pleased with himself in fact, told me something utterly staggering.

For years I have been driving around with the discs/rotors incorrectly attached to the hub. They were never flush. They had been wobbling all the time.

I had never had them replaced - it came from a main dealer in Wales with a full, unbroken, in house service history. Hmmmm.

Countless pad changes and at least 6 MOT's, plus 2 once overs at the local dealership garage, before and after mechanical work. Nobody noticed. but there again why would they? Should they ??

Both sides were stripped down discs fitted properly, brakes all sorted, taken for a test drive and keys handed to me.

Straight to the dual carriageway (50 mph), next the Motorway ..................50mph 60mph 70mph 80mph



Hope this helps others .................................
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What a story! WOW! Thanks for sharing! AND your first poste here! Welcome!
Thank you.

Just finding my way around the forum at the moment.
Have another story to tell relating to the VTEC solenoid.
Did you have a steering wheel vibration? Or pulsating brake pedal feel?
It seems the offset forced the lug nuts to go on cross threaded
The slight offset of the rotor would be enough to cause the vibration.
Thanks for the information and an interesting story.
Major steering wheel vibration.
At 50 mph it sometimes felt as if the wheels would come adrift.

I had the opportunity to look at the stud bolts/lugs and there wasn't any evidence of the threads being crossed/damaged, that really surprised me.
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