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We purchased a 2016 EX in Mar2016 and noticed the vibrations at idle after 100km! Exact same issue as the 2015. Took it back to dealer and they re programmed (flashed) the ECM/PCM, performed idle re-learn and did an engine & transmission mount re-nutrilization...did not work. Honda Canada claims that this issue was in the 2015s and was fixed in the 2016s and that this is a"characteristic" and is normal for a 4cyl engine. IMO, Characteristic is just a fancy word for defect. I would believe them if I was driving a Harley Davidson. I've been driving 4cyl engines for over 20 years and this is not normal. The headrest vibrates that when you rest your head on it and you are wearing glasses' your glasses start vibrating! Did not see this "characteristic" in the 2016 CRV brochure.

I kept pushing the issue with Honda Canada and forced them to get a field engineer to inspect my car....and they finally did... After going straight to the president of Honda Canada!

Will keep you posted on what happens. Anybody have similar problem with 2016?
Sorry to hear about your CRV. I have a 2015 which had the fix applied by a field engineer from Toronto. It didn't solve the issue just made it not as bad. Had the ECU flashed 3 times before the mode 2 fix worked. Still have the vibration at 120km highway speed. Looks like they don't care that we are spending our hard earned money on their products. I know its not a BMW or high end car but it is to us. Good Luck.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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