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Vin Etching - Location? Factory Done? Microscopic?

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I understand that most people are going to say the VIN etching is a waste of money and you can do it yourself for like $25-$50 if you really wanted it... BUT I did pay the $200 for it on my contract. Here is my question before I raise hell and get this $200 back from the dealer:

I'm tying to figure out if I've been tricked by the dealer... I was told that VIN etching is required in all new vehicles and comes standard in the 2020 Honda CR-V. When looking at all the windows on the vehicle I purchased, I asked where it was and was told it was on the bottom of the windows, behind the door panels and is microscopic which didn't make much sense to me because isn't it supposed to be visible to deter thieves?

Thoughts? Has anyone got the etching and please attach an image showing it's location? You can cross some of it out if you want, I just need ammo if they were in the wrong and lied.
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Back when I got my 2012 CR-V the dealer finance guy told me it was the law that I had to watch this video on an aftermarket warranty they were trying to sell me (not the Honda one!) and I had to sign a form that they had in fact shown it to me and that I had declined. I called them out for BS and told them no way in hell would I watch it or pay for it. There is no such law!
Dealers will tell you all sorts of bull chit to try to milk more money out of you. I have been known to walk out and refuse to finish a deal when they play these games. (they back track really fast when you do that). As for getting your money back, you can try but I am betting they will fight it and not admit saying any such thing. They will swear they were honest with you and you misunderstood or just changed your mind. They lied to you once, why would they be honest now?
I commend you for walking out. This is the buyer's best tool. A word concerning 'Extended Warranties'. They are actualy Service Contracts, not a warranty. If you choose to get one, know that the price is negotiable, even if they say it isn't. If they say it is not, then walk. If you still wish to get this optional coverage, BUY ONLY THE ONE OFFERRED FROM THE FACTORY! i.e. HondaCare for Hondas etc. The dealers offerred others as they make a higher profit on them. These are harder to administrate in the dealers' service department as many of them require prior authorization and if the dealer is in California and the Warranty Co. is in Pistol Grip Arkansas or further back East, they must wait until the next day. This is not good for the service department or the customer. I know. I was a service manager for over 30 years. The factory backed HondaCare covers what it says it covers. Period. No prior necesary. Everyone is happy.
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