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Vin Etching - Location? Factory Done? Microscopic?

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I understand that most people are going to say the VIN etching is a waste of money and you can do it yourself for like $25-$50 if you really wanted it... BUT I did pay the $200 for it on my contract. Here is my question before I raise hell and get this $200 back from the dealer:

I'm tying to figure out if I've been tricked by the dealer... I was told that VIN etching is required in all new vehicles and comes standard in the 2020 Honda CR-V. When looking at all the windows on the vehicle I purchased, I asked where it was and was told it was on the bottom of the windows, behind the door panels and is microscopic which didn't make much sense to me because isn't it supposed to be visible to deter thieves?

Thoughts? Has anyone got the etching and please attach an image showing it's location? You can cross some of it out if you want, I just need ammo if they were in the wrong and lied.
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Doors hoids etc all have vin stickers from factory

media and the AG office of consumer affairs where you are would love this.There is always American Honda to....,
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