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Hi everybody,

I just acquired a 2015 EX-L (2WD) with 2500 miles a few months ago. So far, I'm loving the car. I've already put 5K miles on it with no significant problems whatsoever. This is my first Honda but I come from the Mercedes, Volvo and Subaru world so hopefully repairs/maintenance should be no problem for me. I plan on keeping everything stock except for wheels, suspension, and audio down the road (Holy hell, and I thought Subaru's stock sound systems were bad).

I do have one problem already. The front nozzles for the windshield wiper fluid are both extremely weak. The fluid barely makes it onto the bottom of my windshield when it sprays out, making them virtually useless at the moment. The rear windshield nozzle works 100%, so I'm not sure what the actual problem is. The dealership told me it would cost ~$300 to replace all of the lines/hoses as they couldn't figure out what the problem is so obviously I want to avoid that. If it were an issue with the pump/motor, wouldn't it have trouble bringing fluid all the way to the back windshield too? The car did sit in a Florida parking garage for all of its life. Is it possible that the heat caused one of the lines to melt, creating a blockage that would only affect the front nozzles?

I look forward to going through the Stickies and learning more about these cars. Any other advice or preventative maintenance I should do while the car still has low miles? Winters are pretty rough here so I do plan on undercoating the car to prevent rust in the future.

Thank you!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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