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There is an electrical wire going to each wheel hub. The sensor attaches to the hub with a single bolt, if I'm not mistaken. I remember when I replaced the rear brake pads on one of our '09s, I messed up somehow and broke the wire to one of the sensors by pulling on it too hard. The VSA disables since it uses the ABS system to modulate wheel rotation (it applies the brakes lightly when it detects wheel slippage), and it cannot work without knowing the rotational speed of each wheel.

You will mainly want to see if the wire is broken at any of the sensor locations.

Luckily they are very easy to replace--they will clip onto the body in one or two spots, bolt to the hub, and use a typical Honda wiring harness connector. I bought one from either Rock Auto or Amazon (I forget the brand) and it has worked perfectly.
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